Ex Nihilo - “out of nothing” (lat.)

This is a series of objects that combine my main passions in the making process: potter's wheel, hot glass and traditional techniques of wood firing ceramics. These methods allow me to do objects that are as close as possible to my body in terms of size, tactility and sensations. The process of their creation took almost six months, so I can confidently say that they are a part of me.

They were created in difficult times, when it was important to show oneself that even out of nothing, out of the very darkness, light and life will always make its way, and the darkness is not endless and will come to an end sooner or later. So, despite the apparent gloom, these works are, in fact, about light and hope.


6 objects 32 cm x 25 cm

Objects are available for purchase, price 3000 euros, VAT & shipping cost is not included. For purchase email