Inside of me there are always a fearless kid who loves to play and explore and a scientist who is deeply interested in materials and their interaction. I started my way as a self-taught ceramic artist, exploring all the possible ways of working with clay and improving my skills as a potter and designer. Sooner came the interest in the scientific aspect of the material and I started looking into material science and chemistry of clays and glazes. I always loved to combine ceramics with other media like wood, metal, stone etc. and balance on the edge between my artistic and scientific practice.




In 2022 I finished a Master degree in Ceramics and Glass, Art and Science and now I see my artistic process as a part of life with its stages of birth, growth, flowering and death. I see materials as a self-exploration tool for an artist and a very powerful tool to transform oneself and the viewer. Today alongside my ceramic practice I create video art, installations and performances by mixing various media to embody my artistic universe.




2019 – 2022 Master Degree in Ceramics and Glass, Art and Science, Research unit VICARTE, Faculty of Science and Technology of Nova University Lisbon and Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon.

2010-2015 Moscow State University - Bachelor Degree in Journalism, specialized in printed press.

Special education:

2017- Intensive throwing course «On Centre» in international ceramic school «La Meridiana», Italy, Tuscany

2018 – Glaze Chemistry Course in Moscow, Russia




2022 - VICARTE 20 years exhibition, Marinha Grande, Portugal

2021 - Aveiro international Ceramics Biennale, Aveiro, Portugal 

2021 - Latvia International Ceramics Biennale, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia

2021 -  “Art for demolition”, Awa-Electro, Moscow, Russia 

2020 - "Clouds of interaction", FBAUL, Lisbon, Portugal

2020 - “Does it Matter?” Lisbon, Portugal

2020 – Online exhibition "Quarantined"

2019 - “Alternative Ceramics” Moscow, Russia

2019 – Design day “Details School” Moscow, Russia.

2018 - ”On Centre” Certaldo, Italy


2022 - “Media Muerte”, Lisbon, Portugal

2018 - “Tuscany”- “Pottery Squat” studio, Moscow, Russia



2020 Telheiro da Encosta do Castelo, Castle Hill Pottery, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal 


Photo by Olga Moreira